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How to prepare for YouTube uploads


Cop Watch uploads to YouTube

Why YouTube? It’s free. It’s fast. And it’s easy. 

With this app, you can use YouTube to

  • backup the videos shot by the Cop Watch app, incase anything happens to your device
  • share your video with the world to rally people to eliminate police violence

If you already have a YouTube or other Google account, do a quick test from the YouTube app, or at your desktop to confirm that you can indeed upload video to your account. Then, just head back to the Settings page and click the YouTube Login button. 


If you do not yet have a YouTube account, let's get you started...


Step 1 - create an account

To start the account creation process, just click the “Create an account” link at the bottom of the login screen.


Step 2 - add your details

You can use your existing email address, or if you prefer, create a brand new one by clicking “I would like a new Gmail address”



Step 3 - Create a channel


You’re almost done! To make sure you can actually upload videos to your account you must create a channel that the videos will be uploaded into. The app will redirect to a screen, like the one below, where you can create your channel. Any name is okay. 



Step 4 - Login

Once done, go back to the Settings page of the Cop Watch app, click YouTube’s Login button to authorize the app to upload videos.



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